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Mo's Smoked Gouda Spread

So apparently there's this wonderful man at a Whole Foods Market  in California who developed this famous Smoked Gouda Spread. It's SO AMAZING that they now sell it at all of the stores. I typically don't purchase too many cheese spreads or cheeses at stores in general because - hey - I have tons of that stuff at work. But when a friend brought it to a picnic and insisted I try it I was completely hooked. I mean, the man is a genius. It's so good it's worth copying!  So the basic phrase to remember here is that "Amateurs Borrow, Professionals Steal."  And let me tell you - I'm a pro. But I'm not a total jerk - this guy deserves credit. And he has it - like it's all over the internet - this guy is getting his kudos for this spread!

But he doesn't publish the recipe, so the next best thing is this copycat recipe from a wonderful woman who has a blog at A Nutritionist Eats - full of good stuff. Anyways, we simply pair this spread with turkey and whole wheat and green leaf lettuce and maybe a tomato or two if we remember and hey - we're good to go! Hope you enjoy and remember - imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. Check out the full turkey sandwich description on our Menu Page.

Mo's Smoked Gouda Spread
Turkey with Smoked Gouda Spread


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