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Our Story

Since 2001 we've been delivering delicious, healthy meals to the fine folks of Santa Barbara, Goleta and Carpinteria. Lunchbox is the only catering service in town completely devoted to catering delivered group lunches. It's our specialty. 

Key things to know about us: we are morning people! We start at 6 AM with a smile. We pick up our bread from D'Angelo's and then we bake up our own ciabatta rolls fresh in-house. 


We are punctual; we take your timeframe seriously. Deliveries are swift and our smiles are brief but that lunch will love you for the rest of the day. 

We are a fun creative team & we love what we do. Jen has been known to send cat pictures when confirming orders or delivering large invoices. You're welcome. 


We universally do not like reggae music in the kitchen. We are on the fence about classic rock but there seems to be universal support of Justin Timberlake - just in case you get that "Can't Stop The Feeling" vibe from your lunch. 


We often add in off-menu creations that we're excited about making that day as a special. You always get a few surprises on your platter. 

We have a knack for remembering folks' favorites and should you be ordering for an office there's a good chance we have a nice bit of stats on their preferences.


Some of our clients who regularly order for large groups can count on us to mix it up. We even started creating specialty hot lunch menus for the companies that regularly order for 40 or more and we do it at a great price point since they are regular clients.

Dan makes the best brownies; Susan makes the best salad dressing; Christie makes the best focaccia; Jen orders too much basil every single day - so we started growing our own. 


That's us in a nutshell. 


Oh - and we're available. Text us, call us, email us - we get right back to you as soon as we can. The hours between 10:30 and noon are a bit nutty for us but other than that we are great communicators. 

Sweet accolades...

Rebecca Horrigan, The Santa Barbara Independent


“When I had my first bite of Lunchbox’s caprese sandwich during a catered work lunch, I was immediately blown away.”

Frank S., Karl Storz, Goleta


"We use Jen almost every single week for catering business meetings. Her customer service is truly exceptional. She is very responsive and thoughtful, taking your feedback and preferences into account. "

Sara Torrez, TrackR


"Food was amazing, Jen was so awesome.  I ordered catering for 90 and I had more than enough.  It was so great we set up lunch with her for next week!!!"

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