Four Easy Choices

Option I, 14 each
A generous sandwich platter, one of our wonderful salads & chips.
Option IA, 15.50 each
A generous sandwich platter, our wonderful house salad, chips & dessert.
Option II, 17 each
A generous sandwich platter, our wonderful house salad, chips, assorted chilled beverages & dessert.
Boxed Lunches18 each
Individual boxed lunches, including drinks & dessert. 

Need more options? 

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Delivery Fees

Need lunch delivery?
That's what we're here for.
We pride ourselves on timeliness
as much as we do deliciousness.  Or pick up at Dean: a coffee shop in Goleta. 

Santa Barbara - $50
Goleta -  $25

Boxed lunches

for large groups that satisfy a variety of preferences based on our extensive experience.

reliable & delicious
Boxed Lunches
for Large Groups

Generous platters of sandwiches & beautiful fresh salads that work for every group.

easy options for

Warm buffet style lunches that offer your group a treat that is different from the usual (40 or more please).  

groups over 40

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