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Toasted Pecan & Cherry Chicken Salad

My grandma gave me some special tricks when teaching me how to cook. When she made her mashed potatoes she always told me that she added "something sweet and something sour to balance it all out." I always took this to heart so whenever I cook I always throw in something sweet and something tart, bitter or sour to make it more interesting. To this end we add two special ingredients to our basic chicken salad recipe: strong Dijon mustard and sweet honey.

People adore this sandwich and I think this is the main reason why!  You can check out the deluxe sandwich description on our Menu Page. We use the same technique on all of our classic chicken salad sandwiches; it's most obvious and enhanced in our French Dijon Chicken Salad recipe. And thanks to D'Angelo's for making the perfect Grand Levain Whole Wheat bread that we use for this amazing sandwich. Their hearty German style bread uses no preservatives or other baking agents and it's the perfect complement to many of our recipes.

Toasted Pecan & Cherry Chicken Salad
Toasted Pecan & Michigan Cherry Chicken Salad on D'Angelo's Whole Wheat


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