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The Crushed Crouton Caesar

Updated: Apr 11, 2018

Lunchbox's Version of the Caesar Salad - Crushed Croutons Make it Delish...

There are a million versions of the Caesar Salad out there. I even saw one with strawberries once - eeek! It was truly alarming. Anyways, we made our own version many years ago and I still love it to pieces.

I prefer having this as a main course as opposed to a side salad so I added some extra oomph to the dressing - we do a buttermilk base that is a bit fattier and complements the tartness of the anchovies, lemon juice, and Worcester. My other improvement seems like a no-brainer but you'd be amazed at how many of us still wrestle with our croutons while enjoying this salad. Read below fro my recipe.

The Crushed Crouton Caesar Salad on white plate
Lunchbox's Version of the Caesar Salad - Crushed Croutons Make it Delish...

Croutons in a New Light

Croutons are difficult at best; they spin off your fork, evade an easy bite and usually require a fair degree of our attention to wrangle into a salad bite. I also like a bit of crouton with each bite. To that end, I pulse our homemade olive oil croutons a bit in the food processor to crush them unevenly.

Once the salad is dressed they cling nicely onto each and every leaf; it's such a huge improvement on the experience, I cannot stress this enough. I tend to put a little too much Parmesan cheese on my own salad but for purposes of this particular picture managed some restraint.

For the dressing just pour a half cup of buttermilk into your blender, add in the juice of a lemon, a dash of the Worcester, a generous amount of black pepper, some anchovies from the can or a tablespoon from the squeezable tin, and blend up nicely. Add in enough Best Foods mayonnaise until the consistency is fairly thick (you may be adding a good cup). Then taste and adjust your seasoning and you're set. I like to dress the leaves with a good toss, then throw on the crushed croutons and top with the Parmesan and more black pepper.


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