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Salad Dressing Tips & Tricks

While I enjoy a simple oil and vinegar salads, I also love more complex salad dressing.  Flavors are crucial, but it's also important that the dressing coat the salad so that you receive the full effect.  To that end I emulsify my dressings with some yummy ingredients so they are a bit thicker.  For our sherry shallot vinaigrette, I use a wand mixer to emulsify the sugar, Dijon and chopped shallots into the vinegar so we have a nice thick base - then we drizzle in oil and it ends up staying true to form without separating.  It's also thick enough to cling to the arugula leaves and other toppings which is a huge plus.  For our honey balsamic dressing the honey is crucial in thickening up the balsamic vinegar.  Not every dressing you make needs to thickened with this emulsification step, but having this trick in your tool kit will make your salads better when you want a richer dressing that sits a bit stronger on your lettuce leaves.

Check out the toppings we pair with these emulsified dressings on our Menu Page - for ideas.

For more basic salad dressing recipes check out these classics at Martha Stewart's site.

Salad Dressing Tips & Tricks
Salad Dressing Emulsification Tips by Lunchbox


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