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Curried Hummus with Vegetables

Putting out a healthy & delicious snack before dinner is always appreciated by guests. If you fill up on cheese & crackers (I'm always guilty of this) then it's harder to enjoy the main event. Veggies with Hummus are yummy but putting this slight twist on it - curry - makes it much more interesting. Tasty & light appetizer? Yes please! I'm also going to use this recipe in creating some new turkey sandwich wraps (!) to make them a bit more exciting.  Spreads are always used in wraps but a curried one would be so much better. Anyways, here's the recipe for the curried hummus from Pinch of Yum. Check out her blog; it's wonderful and full of tips on blogging and food photography as well; I'm completely inspired by her!

Curried Hummus with Vegetables
Curried Hummus with Veggies by @pinchofyum


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