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Tender Weeknight Chicken Dinner

A simple easy weeknight dinner but better yet - a perfect technique you can use again & again. As described here by Melissa Clark of the New York Times, just pound out those breasts to an even consistency, add some salt and acid to ensure a quick brine & keep your juices in - and you're in the home stretch: your simple dinner can now be uniformly cooked in a much easier fashion and with juiciness & flavor to boot. Melissa's suggested recipe, here for your consideration includes the use of a lime-spice rub and a delicious zingy cucumber salad. From The New York Times food section, it's one of those basic recipes you can always refer to for prepping your chicken breast - be it for grilling, sauteeing, or baking. Winner, winner chicken dinner. For another great chicken recipe that I love, check out my post on Salt Vinegar Chicken from the Lunchbox blog.

Tender Weeknight Chicken Dinner
Guaranteed Tender Chicken Breast by @MelissaClark of the New York Times


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