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Muffaletta Sandwich (!)

Updated: Apr 13, 2018

While I love our simple Italian sandwich (see ingredients in menu here)  it's nice to mix it up and this delicious little recipe from Epicurious reminds me of how good it can be to zig away from the usual.  Here we have Genoa salami and Mortadella and Provolone play nice with the famous New Orleans Muffaletta spread (olives, herbs, spices, vinegar, oil, etc.) and it's truly delish.  Letting the sandwich sit for a bit to let all of those flavors meld only helps matters!  Of course the Muffaletta can be used on anything - I've paired it as a base with albacore tuna salad (amazing!) and also have had it over roasted chicken and grilled fish.  It's a wonderful little accouterment to have around.  Do try it out!

Muffaletta Sandwich
Muffaletta Sandwich picture by Karen of Honestly Yum


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