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We Love D'Angelo's Bread!

Every morning we pick up our bread (fresh!) for the day's lunches.  Our favorites tend to be sourdough, whole wheat, multigrain, French Seigle Rye and Multigrain Sourdough.  Once you've become accustomed to fresh bread with absolutely no preservatives you simply can't eat anything else!  When you try other breads you immediately notice how light they are, and the preservatives lend it a distinct softness & squishiness that D'Angelo's bread simply doesn't have.  This is why we use them!  The bread is so incredibly wholesome and fresh - it's unbeatable.  As many of my customers tell me "it just tastes so healthy!"  We hear this all of the time.  Never settle for inexpensive bread - treat yourself!  Check them out at their website:  D'Angelo's or better yet stop there for breakfast - amazing poached eggs on toast!

We Love D'Angelo's Bread!
Caroline at D'Angelo's Bread - My Favorite Bakery!


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