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Sandwich Platter Love

There's an art to a delivered sandwich platter.  You have to solve a lot of cravings in a limited space.  For that reason we try to strike a balance.  There are the big meaty sandwiches for those hungry "meat people."  Then we usually have something plainer for folks who simply don't need anything other than a simple turkey sandwich (Turkey, Multigrain Wheat Bread, Cheddar, Roma Tomatoes, Lettuce), and then we always package our albacore tuna and chicken salad sandwiches in these cute little paper-wrapped bundles with labels on them - this way you get to know what's inside and you also get to eat the sandwich from its package so it doesn't accidentally spill out.  It's hard to make everybody happy but that's always our priority!

Sandwich Platter Love
Sandwich Platter


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